Welcome to Shetland Sheep Dog Club of Hawaii.

Established in 1986, we are a non-profit organization that aims to unite Shetland Sheepdog enthusiasts in Hawaii. As an AKC licensed specialty breed club, we are a group of sheltie owners, fanciers, and breeders located in the islands of Hawaii.

Many of our members are active in performance and conformation venues as we welcome fresh members on a yearly basis. Our members include newfound puppy owners to well-seasoned dog show competitors.

At Shetland Sheep Dog Club of Hawaii, our objective of the club is to:

  • Encourage and promote quality in Shetland Sheepdogs
  • Promote the natural abilities of the beloved breed
  • Provide education and awareness for dog owners and breeders
  • Conduct AKC performances show events
  • Urge members to accept the standard of breeding as approved by AKC and ASSA.

Our aim is to provide a modern organization and enable as many Shetland sheepdog enthusiasts throughout Hawaii.


Traditional club membership is open to all who are interested in the promotion of Shetland sheepdog breed. We encourage breeders, exhibitors, and pet owners alike to join us as we prepare club meetings on a yearly basis.

All active members are eligible to participate in votes and receive annual awards. Members of the club may be nominated to join. New members are always welcome to join.

We hope you enjoy looking at our site and find it helpful. If you have any questions or comments on out club, please feel free to let us know.